Job Opportunities

  • Plumber (Unlicensed)

    Job Description Lighthouse Plumbing of Mesa, AZ is currently hiring for a Commercial Plumber (Non-licensed, Non-Journeyman) to perform commercial builds from the ground up. Looking for various skills in the areas of ABS, PVC, PEX, Soldering Copper and possibly even Gas Line connections. Must be able to read a tape measure, know how to use […]

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  • Commercial Journeyman Plumber (Licensed)

    Job Description Lighthouse Plumbing of Mesa, AZ is currently hiring for a New Commercial Licensed Journeyman Plumber to build commercial plumbing systems in all phases from underground through trim. Looking for someone skilled in the areas of PVC, PEX, ABS and even Gas Lines. Medical Gas is a bonus. WE DON’T RELINE PIPES! We also […]

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  • Plumbing Apprentice (Helper)

    Job Description Are you interested in the high paying plumbing trade? Well, we are growing. Fast! We’re looking for ROCKSTARS to join us! We are looking for someone who: *Is teachable and wants to learn more about plumbing (i.e. May have worked in a plumbing supply house, hardware store, Home Depot, just graduated high school […]

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    JOB DESCRIPTION Hey Hardworker! We are growing. We’re looking for ROCKSTARS to join us! Are you 16 years or older? Would you like to learn how much money you can make in plumbing? *Are you new to trade work?* *Huge opportunity for growth and advancement* *Level up to Apprentice within 90 days* *Not Afraid of […]

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    JOB DESCRIPTION An Advanced Plumbing Field Quality Specialist is a licensed plumbing journeyman who has spent at least four years under a master plumber or equivalent. You have earned the highest professional level of plumbing. You could be considered a master plumber. We understand you have worked hard to achieve this level and it’s been […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why contact Lighthouse Plumbing?

If it involves pipes and drains, we can fix it!

If you want to learn a new trade, we can teach you. No experience is necessary.

Lighthouse Plumbing serves the needs of commercial, industrial, and residential customers. From underground plumbing repairs to new builds, our journeyman plumbers in Arizona can do
it all.

We're equipped with the latest technologies (Hathorn® sewer cameras and more) to ensure our
customers receive the best service.

What services do you offer?

We offer a variety of plumbing services, including:
● Plumbing repairs
● Drain inspections & cleaning
● Work on sewer lines
● New construction installations
● Plumbing jobs in the industrial sector
● And more

I have no previous plumbing experience; should I apply for work?

Yes. If you know how to use a tape measure, a screwdriver, and a shovel, we can use your help. Stick with Lighthouse Plumbing; we'll show you the ropes as you work towards a journeyman ticket.

When are you hiring next?

We're always hiring! Our unique skill sets, positive reviews, and strong reputation keep us busy.

Journeymen, recent trade school grads, and entry-level job seekers are encouraged to apply anytime. Reach out using our handy contact form.

Will I be a good fit for Lighthouse Plumbing?

Do you enjoy good pay and hands-on training? If so, Lighthouse could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

We're patriotic, law-abiding Americans and hold our Christian values dear. We proudly support Arizona's constitutional carry law and people’s Second Amendment rights.

All positions at Lighthouse Plumbing are no vaccination required jobs.

If you like what you hear, you're the type of person we would love to have on our team!

If not, we can maybe recommend a company that's a better fit. We have lots of contacts in the

What is the work culture like?

We're a dedicated crew with a strong set of values. We work hard, but we play hard too. We genuinely enjoy each other's company, and that's a big part of our success.

Lighthouse Plumbing treats staff like members of the family. When we're not working, we love getting together for team-building fun. If bowling, fishing, hunting and visiting the gun range
sounds like a good time, you will enjoy hanging out with our team.

We also respect your time away from the job. At Lighthouse, we strive to offer a fair work-life balance. We don’t expect you to be on call at all hours.