Mesa, AZ, USA


$45k-$60k Annually


An Advanced Plumbing Field Quality Specialist is a licensed plumbing journeyman who has spent at least four years under a master plumber or equivalent. You have earned the highest professional level of plumbing. You could be considered a master plumber.

We understand you have worked hard to achieve this level and it’s been hard on your body. We ask you that you are still able to perform duties on a job site.

You are responsible for maintaining the quality control of all jobs under you purview. You will be lead on simultaneous projects. You will be the Field Project Manager assisting Journeyman with knowledge and understanding of Scope, blueprints, job troubleshooting and problem solving on the fly.

You can still put your hands to the plumbing, guide the show, though you may not have the endurance you used to have. The brain is willing but the body isn’t what it once was. You are the sage in the field. Your Superman T-Shirt has some patina, and we want to value that wisdom and experience on our team.


So, now that you’ve learned the who, what, where, and why, you may be wondering HOW? It’s easy! Just fill out our online survey / application. We hope to meet you soon!

Additional Application Instructions

As a family-run and owned business, our plumbers are passionate about taking care of our customers’ needs. Our team will do whatever it takes to get the job done correctly. Built upon core priorities, we model our trust in God in all we do. We strive to make a generous impact daily and provide excellence in our service and craftsmanship. Together we want our plumbers to thrive with a greater quality of life and strive to maintain maximum success personally and professionally everyday. We are very successful! For one reason only, OUR CREW! Which is why we typically pay higher compensations, offer personalized benefits, and an infectious company culture that is embodied by the entire team. Yes, you will be tired. Yes, you will be dirty. Yes, it will be hard work, but at the end of the shift, you will be home with your family and ACTUALLY be able to enjoy your life. PLUMBING NEW COMMERCIAL PLUMBER REQUIREMENTS Non-Licensed Plumber with Underground, Top Out and Trim Experience No smoking – Our Gov’t Contracts Won’t Allow it Physical ability to perform the requirements of the position, including working in the summer heat Ability to pass a drug test and Level 2 FBI Security background check Preferably lives within 15 mins of shop. At least 18 years of age If you are excited about this opportunity in New commercial don’t delay. Apply today! Location: 85215