Career Opportunities

Who are You and who are we?

Do you know how to read a tape measure? Then you’re in the right place. We’re looking for hard working individuals who were raised helping their family maintain their home, car, rv etc or have learned independently the fix-it-yourself mentality. It’s exactly that mechanical aptitude we’re looking for in our next employee.

Our employees come first followed by our clients second. People don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad managers–we get it. We as a company will go the mile for you, so we know you will go a mile more for us. Our owner operator is on your team. That’s why we’re hiring people like you. Whether you’re inexperienced as a plumber or have been doing this for the past 30 years, we want you to come work for Lighthouse Plumbing.

That all being said, can you take the heat? We’re not looking for someone who is a pansy *** drama llama who has their panties in a wad. Because if you are a special flower, this isn’t the gig for you. But if you eat nails for breakfast and tacks for snacks, then this is your destiny.

Plumbers can make a LOT of money. No, you don’t need all that college debt to get a degree to make plenty of money and live a lavish life. Plumbing doesn’t require any extra educational schooling. As your skills increase and you become an experienced plumbing professional, you can make up to six figures.


Please Consider:

We recommend the service that fixes the problem, and we do not cut corners. Our mantra is “Integrity, integrity, integrity.” We want to do what is right by everyone. This does not mean we charge the minimum, but it does mean we do what is best for our clients no matter how we could maybe save a dime.


We do random drug and alcohol tests. This is a safety issue for both you and the people around you. Since we are a family, we cannot have anyone risking our family’s safety. If you’re a user, hard pass, we’re not a good fit.


This position will require digging and hard labor, so we aren’t looking for any “special flowers.” Our biggest clients are service clients and they require emergency service which often will include digging and getting pretty dirty. Blisters, dirt, grime and like are just part of the party that is this life. At least it usually launders.


  • High School Diploma
  • English literacy
  • Clean Criminal Record (no felonies)
  • Clean driving record
  • Background check
  • Valid driver’s license

Extra Credit

  • Bilingual
  • Trade School
  • Experience in the plumbing industry

What you get:

  • We pay hourly, which means you get time and a half whenever there is overtime, of which there is currently a LOT. This is a full time position, so you would be a minimum of 40 hours. Our guys are working 55+ hours a week right now and you’re their relief. We need you.

    This is not a contract to hire job, you are a company employee. We’re not interested in playing games with your employment, we want you to stay with us. We want to invest in you, so that you will invest in us.

    We do provide uniform including pants, but you will need to wash your own duds. After 90 days full time on the job, the owner will provide your first pair of boots.

    Your own company vehicle is included (not before 90 days) with clean driving record and performance showing you can work alone with integrity up to the company standards.